Close-up or Macro ?

This is a question that is easy to be answered, from a technical point of view.
For most people, including me in the beginning of my photography career, everything near to my lense was a macro. But if you dive deeper into the matter, you will soon realize, that close-up and macro are not the same.
A photo with a magnification of 1:1 or x:1 is a "real" macro, a photo with a magnification of 1:2 or 1:x is "only" a close-up. Normally, I do not often reach the 1:1 magnification especially not when taking pictures of insects (they tend to move normally :-) ).
Many lenses have the word "macro" added to their specifications, but technically, they are no real macro-lenses, but they are quite suitable to take very nice close-ups of dragonflies, birds or other lager insects or animals.
So, when I talk about macros, I am normally talking about close-ups.

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